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Screen Name/Rank: Lord Dan / rank(91)
Name: daniel ruul
Address: 19/12 clarence st
Suburb: yamba
State: New South Wales
Postcode: 666
Phone: 0266462738

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0 point co-ordination

0 point is not the gateway to anything it is just a navigation function that relates to your self actualization. Being able to utilize the function is an actualization itself. This is a way to co-ordinate, which is a way of utilizing any kind of conjunctial theorization. Which is kind of what dragons do.

2011-03-30 18:59:21 | Expanded View

JUpload with PHP CMS

I found thye great multiple file uploading java applet JUpload. I had a bit of trouble though aparently it doesn't like SEO friendly Urls i.e. /photo-upload/ so i modified the CMS to use the standard /upload.php. Also it doesn't like to upload to the same file as the applet is kept on. Besides those small probs it works great.

2011-02-15 21:06:34 | Expanded View

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit

Microsoft has released a new SEO toolkit, found the link on scott gu's blog, his post can be found here:-

It works for any type of target web server but you can only install the tool on windows.

2011-02-07 12:27:29 | Expanded View

Problem using accordian in a tab panel - JQuery

Hello everybody, I'm new to Jquery UI, and trying to use an accordian.

It works fine outside my tab panel. But as soon as I put the accordian inside the tab div, the accordian doesn't open anymore. I'm using jquery 1.8.3.

Thanks in advance for your help

re-order your javascript. call .accordion before you call .tabs accordion needs to be visible when you initialize it -- Kevin

2011-02-07 11:55:13 | Expanded View

Found a wickard way to communicate from a desktop application to a website, even better than comet

pwnat, is a tool that allows any number of clients behind NATs to communicate with a server behind a separate NAT with *no* port forwarding and *no* DMZ setup on any routers in order to directly communicate with each other.

The server does not need to know anything about the clients trying to connect. from the site

2011-02-07 11:41:31 | Expanded View

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Lord Dan , there seems to be a problem in IE8 , if logged on and in your profile then go to click search home , takes a long long time to reach home , sometimes hangs . Seems to be unique to IE8
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Hello Dan
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